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Granite is the second in the hardness only after diamond, making it a perfect choice for fabricating flooring tiles as well as walling tiles. As natural granites are more precious than porcelain and slate, granite floors and granite walls can add significant values to the property. So when you build new home or do bathroom kitchen remodeling, you may want to consider granite tile flooring and granite wall covering as major decorative elements. Variety in color is another advantage of granites, providing a wide range of choices in granite flooring and granite wall covering. In addition, granite tiles are easy to maintain and have no off-gassing. A granite tile kitchen or granite tile bathroom will certainly make an impressive presentation.

As one of the leading granite suppliers, Jiamei Stone carries large selections of granite floor and granite wall tiling products designed for a series of residential building applications such as kitchen flooring and wall covering, bathroom flooring, shower wall tiling, and commercial building applications such entrance flooring, hallway flooring, bathroom flooring and interior exterior wall covering. Employing innovated granite processing equipments and tooling, our factory fabricates each granite floor tile and wall tile precisely. The tolerance in thickness of our granite tile can be as low as +/- 0.5mm, making it convenient to do tile installations. Standard thicknesses of granite tile are 3/8", 5/8" and 3/4". A tile with thickness less than 3/8" is called granite thin tile. Thin granite tile can be made only in selective colors. Contact for detail. Jiamei Stone is your ultimate source for Discount Granite Tiles, DIY Flooring, Granite Wall, Indian Granite Floor, Granite Kitchen, and Granite Thin Tile.

Large color selections are available at Jiamei Stone, featuring black (e.g., absolute black granites and black galaxy); yellow and rustic (e.g., gold rustic granites and Giallo Veneziano), green and brown granite tiles. Listed in this page are floor and wall tiles fabricated from the popular Chinese and imported granites from all over the world. Whether you are in the market for DIY granite tiles or for wholesale granites, we have complete and competitive solutions for you all. Many finish options are available for granite floors and granite walls, among which polished granite tile and honed granite tile are most common choices. Typical granite tile edge is straight cut, we will custom profile the edges for you when requested.

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