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basalt columns, hexagonal basalt columns, basalt quarryLarge eruptions of basalt lava may create deep flows of molten rock. As the rock slowly cools it shrinks slightly. The stresses cause jointing in several different planes, and columns of rock form with a generally hexagonal shape, like pencils.

The pictures of basalt below displays the six-sided cross section of a column. Some columns may have five or seven sides instead.

We're the biggest quarrier and supplier of hexagonal basalt columns in China, we own several quarries and is able to supply basalt columns on large quantity base. The size of our hexagonal basalt columns ranges from 70mm - 2000mm in diameter, with the longest length up to more than 20 meters. Hexagonal basalt columns have been widely used for gardening decorations, landscaping projects, public parks, artificial hill, and urban water features.

Columnar basalt hexagonal quarry

Hexagonal basalt columns

Hexagonal joint basalt pavers

Hexagonal basalt column fountains / Water features

Basalt columns are a rare commodity that provides the landscape and building community with a wealth of creative opportunities. Basalt columns are formed from cooling lava that weathers naturally to produce earthy colours such as light and deep browns, rusty reds as well as light greens. As each column has been formed in slightly different conditions this creates unique sculptural elements with individual patterning.

The columns often display minor scarring which further delivers a one-of-a-kind product. The columns are appreciated in landscape design as they break up harsh lines and angles with their natural colours, textures and shapes. The presence of a sturdy feature like basalt columns gives an air of solidity and form. Due to the enduring nature of the material it can be incorporated in fences, screens, columns, water features, bench seats and more. The columns often look their best when used in small groups.

The columns are typically 5 or 6 sided and usually have one end that has been sawn with the other end randomly fractured. It is possible to roughly shape a sawn end of the column to give two fractured ends.

We also offer the columns with a 50mm hole drilled up the centre to allow for the columns to be used as in water features.

With their unique properties, natural angles, lines and earthy colours basalt columns are a “must-have” for your next landscaping project.

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