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Art work of past generations of incredibly talent sculptors have turned the China's finest stone work into a proud tradition of creating the unrivaled beauty. This series of marble fireplace is a perfect example. Jiamei designs, manufactures and supplies large selections of statue carved marble fireplaces ranging from classic replicas to modern custom designs, from Italian Roman style marble fireplaces to French style contemporary marble fireplace. Statuary stone fireplaces are best carved with marble, limestone and travertine for intricate presentations. Custom designs, colors and dimensions are available.

This series of fireplace mantel surrounds are more than just stone mantels they are valuable art pieces indeed. From classic reproduction to modern design, from Victorian marble fireplace to French style contemporary fireplace, from Marble to limestone, from sandstone to travertine, from standard residential size to large church style, Jiamei stone specializes in custom marble fireplace designs and productions. Listed in this section are just sample styles of popular statue carved stone fireplace mantels. If you already had specific marble fireplace designs in mind but do not see in our site, please send us drawing or image, we do the rest. Call us to find out what decorative fireplace mantel and surrounds we have in stock. The common dimension for this series of fireplace mantel surround including hearth is 69" wide 55" high with a opening of 40"w 32"h. However, we will custom size each fireplace mantel surround to match your space configuration. Although marble is the most popular material for this series of stone fireplace, travertine, limestone and sandstone are also good alternatives to consider.

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