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  • Marble Memorial Urns # 1060712
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  • Per customers's requirements (Drawings / Photos / Sketches)
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  • Polished
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  • Each Jiamei Stone urn is handed carved from selected genuine natural stone. Our thoughtfully designed and intricately crafted urns offer truly beautiful presentations in an unique way - no any two stone urns are alike in terms of patterns and appearances. What you will receive will be originally hand carved units that represent a high standard. The available volume of Jiamei Stone urns ranges between 200 to 300 cubic inches with a overall height of 15 to 25 inches. Custom designs available. Dealers, distributors and resellers are welcome. Jiamei Stone is your ultimate source for architectural urns, cremation urn, memorial urns, pet urns, marble urn, table urn, ash urn, fountains urn.

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marble memorial urns

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