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Stone mosaics tiles, including marble mosaic tile, travertine mosaic tile, and onyx mosaic tile in specific, are the most cost effective mosaic tiling solution. Each stone mosaic tile sheet is made of identical stone chips, making mosaic tiles the best choice for simplicity oriented mosaic projects. Standard stone mosaic tiles come in four chip sizes: 15x15, 20x20 30x30 or 49x49(mm), however, we honor any achievable custom mosaic tile configurations, including color, chip size and pattern. Available finishes: polished, honed or antique. Application: walls, floors and pools. At the prices comparable to mosaics made of synthetic materials such as glass mosaic and ceramic mosaics, Jiamei stone mosaic tiles are practically affordable. Marble mosaic tiles are capable of showing rich colors and natural textures, which are difficult to be achieved with synthetic material mosaics tiles such as glass mosaics or ceramic mosaic tiles. In addition, different from glass mosaic and ceramic mosaic tiles, all marble mosaic tiles and stone mosaic tile are hand assembled, in which chip colors, shapes and sizes are fully customizable, making stone mosaic and marble mosaic tiles the most flexible options for any mosaic projects. Stone mosaic tiles are ideal decorative flooring material for kitchen, bathrooms, shower walls and tub surrounds.

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