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Product Description

  • Product Subject
  • Porphyry Paving Cubes
  • Product Dimensions :
  • 100 x 100 mm
  • Finishes:
  • Natural Cleft
  • Description:
  • Porphyry stone cubes with top natural split face for paving

Product Photos

porphyry cubes,porfido cubes

Porphyry Cubes

Porphyry CubesĀ 
Porphyry cubes are the most well-known form of porphyry. They come in four different sizes: 4/6, 6/8, 8/10 and 10/12. Their weight per square metre is 105, 135, 190 and 250 kg respectively.

4/6 cubes are particularly recommended for paving which are mainly subject to pedestrian traffic, for example roads and squares in town centres, courtyards, porticoes, pedestrian islands, pavements, garden paths.

6/8 cubes are instead recommended for paving roads subject to mixed traffic (pedestrian and motor traffic) both in urban centres and elsewhere. They have also proved extremely useful in zootechny for paving modern stables.

8/10 and 10/12 cubed are suitable for paving roads and squares subject to intense traffic, in urban centres and in industrial plants (blast-furnaces, foundries, chemical industries) where they are subject to knocks and heavy loads or where chemical substances are present - porphyry infact resists acid corrosion.

Porphyry cubes may be arranged in various ways and different geometrical patterns (contrasting arches, concentric circles, in the shape of a fan or a peacock tail) and are sometimes framed by porphyry of a different tone of colour. For successful paving it is important to use a good quality foundation which will guarantee a lasting laying.

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