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Quartzite tile is a type of variation from original slate, containing higher volume of quartz as mineral. Quartzite tiles are less stable in color than the original slate tile but more stable in thickness. Wherever the original slate tiles are applicable, mainly slate wall and slate floors, the quartzite floor tile can be used. Although in general the top of the quartzite tile is l evener than original slate tile, you still do not expect to see a smooth or flat surface as granite or marble tile with quartzite tiles. The quartzite tiles are to certain extent sturdier than original slate tiles. There are several finishes available for quartzite slate tiles. Honed slate and tumbled slate are popular options. Bottom of the slate tiles is typically honed to be rather flat while their surfaces are generally riven, showing its natural and rough split, with edges tumbled. As a result, there could be up to 1/4" difference in the heights on the surfaces of quartzite tiles.

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