Jiamei stone owns one of the leading stone carving factory in China, we designs, manufactures and supplies a large section of stone animal statues and sculptures. Animal sculptures include large life size animal statues and desktop size small figures. Large life size statues can be installed in patios, lobbies as eye catching architectural decorations or used as garden sculptures when place in yard, lawn, pavement or roadside. Small marble animal figures are designed mainly for displaying inside the house or on the desk. Some of animal sculptures may not have exactly realistic looking but have abstract approaches to the art. Marble animal statues placed next to the trees or bushes, near the water ponds and pools or even in the lawn will enhance the natural themes to the outdoor environments. Jiamei sculptures are mostly made in marble but can also be in sandstone, limestone, granite or travertine. Superior workmanship of our master sculptors ensures the likeness of each marble animal we sculpture. Our featured marble animal sculptures include: elephant sculpture, dragon sculpture, cat sculpture, estate lion sculpture, Chinese lion sculpture, horse sculpture, dog sculpture, bird sculpture, eagle sculpture,gargoyle statue and sculpture. Custom animal sculpture designs welcome. If you can't find a specific sculpture design of your interest, please send us images the sculpture. We have designed and carved over 1000 animal sculpture designs. We may be able to locate the animal sculpture design of your interest in our product database.

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