Adorning grand buildings of the past and many more today, balustrade, originally called balusters, is the name given to small columns and rails when used in conjunction with coping for the construction of garden, patio walls and decorative garden designs. Jiamei Stone specializes in fabricating marble, granite and any other type of stones in special shapes, including Hand carved marble column, solid or hollow, with cap and base; marble stair cladding, arch, palisade, marble balustrade; cut to size stone quarried from China, Italy, Spain and India; door Surround, window sill, trims, moldings and skirting.

Jiamei stone balustrade systems come in five to six foot sections that are pre-designed, pre-carved and pre-assembled. Marble baluster systems are ideal choices for property owners who wish to minimize the installation costs. Basic marble baluster system comes with top rails, treads and spindles and can be ordered with or without posts. Typical dimension for a section is 40" w x 29" h, with five spindles plus one post (optional) installed. Custom sizes and styles are available

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