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china blue stone, chinese blue limestone, chinees blauwe hardsteen, spotted bluestoneChinese bluestone is an increasingly used natural stone in China is won. The region is popular Qing Dao. In this area there are many quarries that produce good Chinese bluestone. Chinese stone is available in multiple attributes, each with its own specific characteristics. Chinese bluestone 'sweetened' (polished) is a tile with a dark blue-gray color and has a sanded surface. A feature of this finish is that it is susceptible to scratching, but scratching pulling away over time by the discoloration that occurs in all natural stone when exposed to UV light. Other famous finishes are vibrated (less susceptible to scratching) and burned (or flamed) and brushed (not susceptible to scratching and discoloration by UV light).

China blue limestone,or called China blue stone, is a very unique kind of limestone both in its special color and excellent characteristics of insipidity, innocuity, nonradiation, high consistency in quality. the quarry of China blue limestone is located in Jiaxiang, Shandong Province of China, the exporting port for the blue stone products is Qingdao port.The blue limestone has been widely used for large area paving, facading, wall cladding both in interior and exterior applications. In recent years, the blue limestone has become more and more popular in the European, North American, Australian markets,representing by countries Netherlands(named blauwe steen or Chinese hardsteen), Belgium, Ireland, Japan, France, US, Canada, Denmark, Italy, England, Poland, Australia etc. We've been exporting regularly in huge quantities to the above markets on monthly basis. The main applications of blue stone go for exterior paving, interior flooring, urban and garden furniture, sculptures and carvings and so on.

Spotted Bluestone surface finishes

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