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granite cubes, basalt cubes Jiamei stone supply granite cobblestone, basalt cobblestone, porphyry cobblestone, sandstone and limestone cobblestone, paving stone, mesh backed stone, granite paving and granite cube setts in different colors of red, black, yellow, beige, dark, green, pink and grey. The most used materials for making cobble stones are : G603 light grey, G654 dark grey, G682 Yellow, G684 black pearl basalt, Zhangpu basalt, andesite basalt, and bluestone, etc.

Cobblestones is widely used for exterior pavings from walkways, driveways, sightseeing district to patios, pool decks, court, gardens, parks and urban public areas.

Typical sizes of cobblestone come in 10x10x10cm(cube 4"x4"x4"), 10X10X5cm (4"x4"x2"), 15x15x10cm (6"x6"x4"), 9x9x9cm, 8x8x8cm, 7x7x5cm, 10x18x25cm (Jumbo cubes 4"x7"x10"),13x13x23cm (regular cubes 5"x5"x9"), 10x10x20cm( Landscape cube 4"x4"x8"), pavers 30x15x7.5cm(12"x6"x3"), basically, we can fabricate to size for all requirements.

We supply cobblestone and paving stone at most competitive prices and high quality. Wholesale and export china paving stone & cube stone to importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers all over the world.

We also supply cobblesotne with mesh backed (also called mesh backed pavers), which is very convenient for installation, mesh backed cobblestone pavers are availble in square shape, fan shape, flag shape, round shape and notched shape.

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