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labrador antique countertop Granite is the second in the hardness only after diamond. For its long lasting durability, granite has proven to be the perfect choice in fabricating countertop and the flooring product. Because it is more precious than porcelain or any slate type of materials, cutting granite countertops can add significant values to the property. Variety in color is another advantage of granite countertops, providing a wide range of choices for kitchen and bathroom applications. maintenance of granite counter top is fairly easy as it has no off-gassing. Overall, granite countertop provides an extremely durable and easy-to-maintain surface (see bottom of this page for "granite countertop maintenance tips"). Moreover, different from laminates and other synthetic materials, the natural granite countertop possesses unique abilities of handling temperatures. As a leading stone fabricator and employing innovated marble granite countertop processing equipments and tools, Jiamei fabricates and supplies high quality granite countertops from large selections of granite color blocks quarried in China and imported worldwide. Listed in page are featured granite countertop colors. A number of edge profiles are available for granite countertops, including beveled, bullnose and ogee. We offer discounted granite countertop prices to volume buyers such as wholesalers, contractors, hotel project owners, residential and commercial developers.

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