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The word "Marble" in construction and building industry has deviated from its original geological definition. Many crystallized calcite rich stones nicknamed alabasters have been categorized as "building marbles". Guizhou Cream marble stone quarried in Southern China is just an example. In some areas, terminology of "marble", "marble granite" or "marble stone" has been adopted to refer to "construction stone" in general. Therefore, when you are in the market for "marble" products, you may want to make sure whether you need real marbles in the geological term or you are looking for other types of natural stones in a broader sense. Marbles can be used for many architectural applications. However, we do suggest to avoid using it in certain areas. For example, as it is not very resistant to the heat, so using kitchen marble countertop may not be an ideal choice.JIamei fabricated marble supplies, to name a few, include marble stone moldings, special shaped marble stone boards, marble stone medallions and mosaics, marble kitchen vanity tiles, marble kitchen vanity countertops, marble stone table tops, marble stone tub surrounds and other marble custom shape fabrications.


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The marbles we deal with are 100% nature and different from artificial marbles, cultured marble or cast marble in texture and most importantly, the value. Consult with marble stone specialists at Jiamei, we will help you to make appropriate material choices for your upcoming marble stone projects. Listed in this page are popular colors of marble supplies suitable for fabricating slabs, blanks, floor tiles and wall coverings.


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