Mongolian black is a black Basalt from China. In natural stone trade, mongolian black is often simply called a Granite.

Mongolian Black Basalt is a kind of black basalt quarried from North China, mongolia black is massively used in the building and landscaping area, it's also a very good choice material for exterior paving, it can be processed with neary any type of finishes.

Mongolia Black, it's also called as Mongolian Black, granite G775 Mongolia Black is originated from Inner Mongolia province in China, it's absolute black granite. Mongolia Black granite can be used for granite tile, granite slab, granite tombstone and monument, paving stone, kerbsotne, countertops, worktops, benchtops, sinks, cobblestones, stairs and risters, etc. JM Stone can supply top quality Mongolia Black products, such as Mongolia Black tile, Mongolia Black slab, Mongolia Black kerbstone, Mongolia Black paivng stone, Mongolia Black tombstone and monuemtns etc. All of our Mongolia Black products are produced at the Mongolia Black quarry directly.

Mongolikan black granite finishes

Mogolian black granite products collection

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