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Planter, often being called flower pot and garden vase, always serves as an decoration while planting a live plant or small tree. Marble Planters or other type of stone flower pots make such decoration more enhanced and attractive. Stone planters are extremely durable, withstands all types of weather conditions and will last for hundreds years. Jiamei stone supplies marble planters, travertine planters, sandstone planters and limestone planters granite planters in various sizes and shapes; we also offer custom productions to meet the needs and preference of individual buyer. Call for more info on factory direct stone planter, marble vase, granite flower pot, garden stone sandstone planters onyx vases. Special prices available for volume orders of stone planters and marble vases. The surface of stone planters can be finished in several ways. The most common one is “polished” that will make colors and veining emphasized. Honed is also a popular choice, which is less shining. If you do not wish to have color variations or veins of natural stone standout, you may choose something called “rough” or “antiqued” finish. Every Jiamei stone planter is considerately designed and carefully carved by our professional sculptors. The value of marble planters will be preserved by its natural characteristics, durability and artistic nature. The marble planters are available in a variety of shapes - rectangular, square, round and oval.Jiamei stone planters can be used indoor or out door and will make an impressive presentation.

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