Being made with natural stone, marble furniture such as marble tables are more durable and decorative than synthetic or wood material. There are also arts involved. Jiamei specializes in supplying state of the art hand carved marble tables, onyx tables, stone table tops, marble top table, marble dining table, marble coffee tables, replicas of marble antique tables, end table and simple column table at affordable prices. We offer large selections of marble tables and other types of stone tables in terms of styles and colors. Besides white marble table, red and black marble tables are getting more and more popular. Our affiliated factory are well staffed with professional design engineers, skilled stone carvers and fully equipped with advanced machineries to execute mass stone table fabrications. Custom carved marble tables available, i.e., you can choose table color, table style and table size.

Garden benches - stone bench outdoor bench natural rock art marble granite bench

Stone table and stone bench are essential setups in a modern garden. Ordinary wood outdoor bench needs costly maintenance and is not very resistant to weather condition. Such disadvantages of garden outdoor bench can be eliminated by substituting wood with natural stones such as granite, marble, limestone or less expensive sandstone. Jiamei marble specializes in hand carving stone outdoor garden benches with detail-oriented state of the art workmanship. Each Jiamei outdoor bench is in fact a natural art bench. Custom dimensions and designs available.

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