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Minute (Tiny) Holes Bluestone Polished

bluestone polished This type of finishing has a dark black shiny appearance, showing a very uniform black coloured background. Its surface is characterized by its smoothness and extremely shiny look. This is one of the most popular types of finishings.

Some common applications: flooring, stonework

Minute (Tiny) Holes Bluestone Sawn Cut

bluestone sawn cut This type of finishing has a thin corrugated appearance, showing a grey coloured Hainan Black basalt. Its surface is characterized by its thin salience and roughness.

Some common applications: coverings, stonework, garden decoration.

Lava stone (Medium Holes) Polished

lava stone middle holes polishedThis is a type of finishing applied to the Cave Hole variation, which shows some regular holes throughout its surface. This finishing is characterized by its fairly shiny appearance, which contrasts with the holes roughness.

Some common applications: exterior flooring, coverings, cladding.

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