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Jiamei Stone is proud to show you our selection of bluestone tiles. Bluestone tiles are known for their hardness and ruggedness it is only natural that bluestone is now used to make bluestone tiles. Lava stone is categorized as bluestone with holes evenly spread on the stone surface

JMS provides only the highest quality bluestone tiles that will last for years in your home or your customers home whatever the environment they decide to use them.

The surface finishings for lava stone could be quite veratile, depending on the specific requiments of your projects. Among of thoese finishes, sawn, honed, brushed are the most typical choices.

Lava stone tiles are more and more used for wall caldding, exterior flooring as it gain more popularity by people. Lava stone wall veneering creates a natural look to the building, while it has functions of sound absorption and heat insulation

Lava stone has also been used for cultured stone walling panels, see some examples as below

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