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The Hainan Black is a well-known black coloured basalt from China, with a good diversity of applications being found in different places. It is possibly the most recognized black basalt from China. It is common to find this black basalt on a diversity of applications, with particular usage on exterior applications. Here it is common to find applications of the Hainan Black basalt on flooring, different coverings applications and cladding. This unique basalt is also found on a diversity of stonework applications, some interior and exterior decoration.

Due to its unique black look and large reserves, the Hainan Black is a type of basalt with a considerable demand both in China and internationally. But it is the type of stone that is most commonly recommend to be used alone, not in combination with other stones. As you can see on the pictures below, this basalt does an amazing work if applied alone, and specially on exterior applications.

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